At least 80% of fractures in people 60+ are related to osteoporosis.

Habits to avoid to help prevent and manage Osteoporosis:


Drinking Alcohol- less than 7oz per week

Coffee- maximum 1 cup a day

Drinking soda drinks

No more than 2400mg of salt a day

Trans fats to a minimum

Eating excessive amounts of poor quality animal protein

Monitor SUGAR intake


Healthy Habits:


Stress Management: daily deep breathing, meditation

Eat Alkalizing foods: cruciferous and root vegetables, JUICING

Supplements: calcium, magnesium, Vitamin D and K2(MK-7),strontium, boron

Calcium rich foods: sesame seeds, green leafy vegetables, beans, salmon, sardines, almonds

Vitamin K2 rich foods: dairy, egg yolk, butter, green vegetables, natto, meats MUST BE GRASS FED SOURCES of animal products