Corporate wellness is no longer a new buzz word. Corporations are all well informed and for the most part, proactive in their approach to keeping employees mentally and physically fit. Many offer gym memberships, discounts, work from home days, corporate team building and a myriad of other policies and programs to keep employees positive, healthy and in turn productive. Without question it is more cost effective to prevent illness than to treat it once it happens.

It is also more cost effective to use the least invasive procedures and focus on natural healing therapies.

Working preventatively, using the least invasive techniques, and focusing on natural treatments still costs time and money. I often hear from people that they are not sure if they can afford to see a Naturopathic Doctor or other health care practitioner not covered under the medical services plan because it may be too expensive. The vast majority of people don’t know that this alternative exists and is covered for their use in both treatment and prevention

As, many are unaware they have coverage for naturopathic medical services through their extended benefits with their employer or other insurance provider. If you work in a company or business with extended health, you certainly have some form of coverage. Most extended benefit plans will in part cover medical care services like dentistry, chiropractic, massage, physiotherapy, orthotics, and eye care. Unfortunately, far too many employees are unaware of the exact coverage they have and how they may use this to their full benefit.

According to most insurance brokers

  1. The most costly part of any extended health benefit plan is pharmaceutical prescription costs. Pharmaceutical costs are continuing to rise due to the aging workforce and most companies want to reduce this cost by promoting therapies that reduce prescription needs.
  2. Currently, the most utilized service after pharmaceuticals is massage followed closely by physiotherapy then chiropractics. However, these services are mostly utilized after an injury or illness instead of preventatively.
  3. Naturopathic healthcare is the least utilized service in the industry in large part due to the fact that people covered in the plan are unaware that naturopathic healthcare has some coverage.
  4. Preventative medical services like naturopathic healthcare help improve productivity and job satisfaction and actually save companies money over time.
  5. The corporations and businesses that are most attractive to potential employees tend to have the most valuable and flexible extended health benefit plans. Most employees would rather have the health coverage in these plans than the equivalent cash value.

As a result, I have started meeting with companies for 30 – 60 minute sessions to discuss with employees the benefits of naturopathic medicine and how this additional coverage may be used to their benefit at no cost

If you think that may be of interest to you please drop me a quick note and I can respond with a package including all of the details.  Due to very high demand and limited availability these sessions are booked well in advance