: The process of neutralizing and removing toxic waste from the body

Toxins: A poisonous substance, that is produced by living cells, organisms, man-made and is capable of causing disease when introduced into the body tissues.

Where do Toxins Come From? Food, Air, Water, Personal care products, internal metabolic waste(the body itself produces waste)

How does the body Eliminate Toxins? : Through theskin, bowels, kidneys and lungs, and the liver as the detoxifier

Steps to Aid Detoxification

It is paramount when helping your body detox that you begin by making sure your bowels are eliminating daily as the colon is a major organ of elimination. Here are some easy and basic but very effective tips on how to begin a detox.

Bowel function: 2 tbsp. ground flaxseed/day, 2 L water/day,

LIVER- support.  The liver is the main organ that breaks down chemicals , hormones and waste.

Drink dandelion root tea- helps bile production and liver function

Take a B-complex- the liver needs b vitamins to process waste

Take Vitamin C- this vitamin is protective of the liver

Diet: avoid caffeine, alcohol, red meat, dairy and gluten, soy, corn as much as possible- this gives the digestive system a break

Consume cruciferous vegetables, onions, garlic, greens, berries- these contain compounds that help your liver process waste

½ squeezed lemon in warm water in the morning- helps stimulate liver function

Juicing-especially deep green leafy vegetables (raw)


Dry Skin brushing- can use a dry washcloth on dry skin, always brush towards heart, this stimulates your lymphatic system which helps the body remove waste

Alternating hot and cold showers- start with hot/warm water 3 min, then 1 min cold water repeat cycle several times. This encourages circulation and moves the lymphatic system. You will feel energized and invigorated after! Great for boosting energy.

Try to reduce exposure to chemicals- personal care products, drink filtered water, do not eat/drink out of plastic containers, eat organic and soak produce before eating