Tips on how to reduce symptoms of delayed onset muscle soreness, treating spring and summer allergies and more.

Natural Anxiety Treatment Therapies

As a Naturopathic Doctor, I have observed that most of my patients have some form of anxiety. Chronic worry, life’s pressures and maladaptive coping strategies contribute to developing an anxiety disorder.

Common symptoms of anxiety include: trouble sleeping, neck and back muscle tension and pain, chronic headaches, inability to relax in social situations, sweating, trembling, fatigue, […]

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Stress Busting Tips to Get Through Winter

Acupressure points are a quick way to relieve anxiety, improve mood and increase energy!
This point is located at the side of the inside of the foot, three finger width behind the base of the big toe. Applying pressure at this point helps ground the body and mind, helps in relieving the mind from worries and […]

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Soothe Dry Winter Skin

Tips on How to Soothe Dry Winter Skin
Dry winter air and heating can really wreck havoc on skin. During the winter months skin can become dry, red and itchy. To help prevent and soothe dry winter skin, here are some of my top recommendations to keep your skin moisturized and healthy!

Hot Showers/baths- believe it or […]

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From Dr. Triendl N.D.

Everyone wants to feel good…my intention for each day is to ask myself “how can I feel good today and what do I need to do mentally and physically to achieve this?”

I feel privileged and honored to help my patients feel their best. Whether you have a chronic illness or you simply want to optimize […]

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How to Reduce Symptoms of Delayed Onset Muscle Soreness (DOMS)

Many of my patients ask me how they can reduce muscle soreness after exercising. Most people want to optimize their workout routines.
If muscle fatigue is an issue I recommend:

Hydration is key- always drink enough water or coconut water is one of my favorite sources of hydration for the body because it naturally contains vitamins and […]

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Treating Spring and Summer Allergies Naturally

Neti Pot

The single most important treatment for allergies is using the Neti pot filled with warm water and sea salt. Must use it at least twice a day during allergy season.  This helps flush out the allergens irritating the nasal tract.

Quercetin with Bromelain. Both these compounds are natural anti-inflammatories and regulate the immune system. Quercetin […]

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Prevent and Manage Osteoporosis

At least 80% of fractures in people 60+ are related to osteoporosis.

Habits to avoid to help prevent and manage Osteoporosis:


Drinking Alcohol- less than 7oz per week

Coffee- maximum 1 cup a day

Drinking soda drinks

No more than 2400mg of salt a day

Trans fats to a minimum

Eating excessive amounts of poor quality animal protein

Monitor SUGAR intake


Healthy Habits:


Stress Management: […]

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Reduce Arthritic Pain

Diet to reduce pain symptoms

Anti-inflammatory diet : avoid gluten, eggs, red meat, dairy

Avoid Nightshades: potato, tomato, eggplant, bell peppers

Follow a Mediterranean Diet: fish, olive oil, nuts, seeds lots of veggies and some fruit

Omega 3 fish oils- great for cardiovascular health but also anti-inflammatory for arthritis- eat more fish!

Diet for Gout


Organ meats, dairy, lentils, sardines, anchovies, lentils, […]

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Detoxification: The process of neutralizing and removing toxic waste from the body

Toxins: A poisonous substance, that is produced by living cells, organisms, man-made and is capable of causing disease when introduced into the body tissues.

Where do Toxins Come From? Food, Air, Water, Personal care products, internal metabolic waste(the body itself produces waste)

How does the body […]

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Boosting the Immune System

These are a few ways of boosting the immune system that I use in practice and are very effective in maintaining a healthy immune system throughout the winter season!

Vitamin D levels decrease during the winter months. Vitamin D is a powerful immune stimulant and is effective in reducing colds during the winter.
Antioxidants! Vitamins A,E,C-take them […]

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