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About Dr. Alexandra Triendl

Integral health was born of a desire to create an environment for people to find true healing. True healing means to become whole. When an aspect of the whole is out of balance it compromises its integrity. A person’s health is multi dimensional and good health depends on the mental , emotional, spiritual and physical aspects working in harmony. With thousands of hours committed in research and clinical application throughout Asia and North America, Dr. Triendl has had extraordinary success in treating a wide variety of health conditions utilizing treatment therapies based upon these holistic principles that extend far beyond what conventional medicine can offer. Your health is of upmost importance to us and we look forward to helping you.


Detoxification: The process of neutralizing and removing toxic waste from the body

Toxins: A poisonous substance, that is produced by living cells, organisms, man-made and is capable of causing disease when introduced into the body tissues.

Where do Toxins Come From? Food, Air, Water, Personal care products, internal metabolic waste(the body itself produces waste)

How does the body […]

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Boosting the Immune System

These are a few ways of boosting the immune system that I use in practice and are very effective in maintaining a healthy immune system throughout the winter season!

Vitamin D levels decrease during the winter months. Vitamin D is a powerful immune stimulant and is effective in reducing colds during the winter.
Antioxidants! Vitamins A,E,C-take them […]

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