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Integral health was born of a desire to create an environment for people to find true healing. True healing means to become whole. When an aspect of the whole is out of balance it compromises its integrity. A person’s health is multi dimensional and good health depends on the mental , emotional, spiritual and physical aspects working in harmony. With thousands of hours committed in research and clinical application throughout Asia and North America, Dr. Triendl has had extraordinary success in treating a wide variety of health conditions utilizing treatment therapies based upon these holistic principles that extend far beyond what conventional medicine can offer. Your health is of upmost importance to us and we look forward to helping you.

Natural Anxiety Treatment Therapies

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Weight Loss Tips

Digestion: To lose weight you HAVE to poop. Fat doesn’t just fall off your gut, it has to come out. The ideal bowel movement is first thing in the morning. Having a bowel movement at least once a day is important.

Increasing bowel movements: 2 tbsp. ground flaxseed, drink 1-2 L of water a day

Eat at […]

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Healthy Skin

Our skin is the largest elimination organ and it is vital for our health. Skin “issues” are a mirror to what is going on inside the body. For example chronic hives is a sign your stress hormones are out of whack. Acne can be a sign of high cortisol, a stress hormone, dietary intolerances such […]

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Healthy Digestion and Hydration

Tips for Healthy Digestion and Hydration

Ground Flaxseed- 2 tablespoons of ground flaxseed can provide the body with adequate fiber and help the body have regular daily bowel movements

Probiotics- The health of your gut flora determines how well your immune system functions. Take probiotics that contain Lactobacillus and Bifidobacterium strains

Avoid Allergenic/Inflammatory foods- dairy, gluten, alcohol, red meat, […]

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Liver Cleanse

Your liver is the main detoxification organ. It is responsible for neutralizing toxins, medications, alcohol and metabolic waste from the body. After it neutralizes the waste substances it must package them to be excreted from the body.

To help Your Liver do its job well, you can incorporate some habits to help it function optimally.

B vitamins- […]

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Natural Anxiety Treatment Therapies

As a Naturopathic Doctor, I have observed that most of my patients have some form of anxiety. Chronic worry, life’s pressures and maladaptive coping strategies contribute to developing an anxiety disorder.

Common symptoms of anxiety include: trouble sleeping, neck and back muscle tension and pain, chronic headaches, inability to relax in social situations, sweating, trembling, fatigue, […]

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Stress Busting Tips to Get Through Winter

Acupressure points are a quick way to relieve anxiety, improve mood and increase energy!
This point is located at the side of the inside of the foot, three finger width behind the base of the big toe. Applying pressure at this point helps ground the body and mind, helps in relieving the mind from worries and […]

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Soothe Dry Winter Skin

Tips on How to Soothe Dry Winter Skin
Dry winter air and heating can really wreck havoc on skin. During the winter months skin can become dry, red and itchy. To help prevent and soothe dry winter skin, here are some of my top recommendations to keep your skin moisturized and healthy!

Hot Showers/baths- believe it or […]

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Are Antioxidants a fad

Why are antioxidants important for your health? I get asked this question a lot in practice. Is this a fad or is there something to this buzz about antioxidants.

Antioxidants are vital for anti-aging and detoxification. Without getting into too much science, an antioxidant basically prevents damage to the cells of your body. In essence it […]

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Vitamin C and Skin Health

Vitamin C also known as ascorbic acid is a vital component in the production of collagen. Collagen is what gives your skin its’ firmness and strength. It also helps in the growth of cells and blood vessels.

Vitamin C is an antioxidant that protects your cells’ DNA from damage such as wrinkling caused by UV radiation. […]

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From Dr. Triendl N.D.

Everyone wants to feel good…my intention for each day is to ask myself “how can I feel good today and what do I need to do mentally and physically to achieve this?”

I feel privileged and honored to help my patients feel their best. Whether you have a chronic illness or you simply want to optimize […]

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Healthy Employees

Corporate wellness is no longer a new buzz word. Corporations are all well informed and for the most part, proactive in their approach to keeping employees mentally and physically fit. Many offer gym memberships, discounts, work from home days, corporate team building and a myriad of other policies and programs to keep employees positive, healthy […]

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Psoriasis is an Inflammatory Disease

Psoriasis is an inflammatory disease that manifests most commonly as well-circumscribed, erythematous papules and plaques covered with silvery scales. Multiple factors contribute, including genetics. Common triggers include trauma, infection, and certain drugs. Symptoms are usually minimal, but mild to severe itching may occur. Cosmetic implications may be major. Some people develop severe disease with painful […]

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Eczema also known as atopic dermatitis is an immune-mediated inflammation of the skin. It appears to be triggered by genetic and environmental factors. The main symptoms are itching, redness and skin thickening.


AD primarily affects children in urban areas or developed countries,and prevalence has increased over the last 30 yr; 15 to 30% of children and […]

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Acne vulgaris (acne) is the formation of comedones, papules, pustules, nodules, and/or cysts as a result of obstruction and inflammation of pilosebaceous units (hair follicles and their accompanying sebaceous gland). It most often affects adolescents. Diagnosis is by examination. Treatment is a variety of topical and systemic agents intended to reduce sebum production, bacterial counts, […]

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Menopause is a physiologic cessation of menses due to a decrease in ovarian function. Menopause is established when menses has been absent for 1 year. The average age of menopause is 51 years old.

Signs and symptoms:

Changes in the menstrual cycle usually begin during a woman’s 40s, with variation in cycle length. Persistent changes of ≥ […]

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Polycystic Ovary Syndrome (PCOS)

Polycystic ovary syndrome is a clinical syndrome characterized by mild obesity, irregular menses or lack of menstruation, and signs of androgen excess (eg, facial hair and acne). In most patients, the ovaries contain multiple cysts.

Causes: This syndrome involves anovulation or ovulatory dysfunction and androgen excess of unknown origin. However, some evidence suggests that patients have […]

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Pre-menstrual Syndrome (PMS)

Pre-menstrual Syndrome occurs 7-10 days before menstruation. Also known as premenstrual tension some symptoms include irritability, depression, anxiety, breast tenderness to name a few.

Causes: the cause is not entirely clear but it appears to be caused by different hormonal factors. Some examples include hypoglycemia, changes in carbohydrate metabolism, and fluctuating levels of progesterone and estrogen. […]

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Fibromyalgia is characterized by poor sleep, fatigue, and widespread aching and stiffness in soft tissues, including muscles, tendons, and ligaments.

Causes: Causes are not known although in some cases a viral or bacterial origin has been suspected. In many cases fibromyalgia is linked to chronic chemical exposure. Physical and emotional stress are major triggers for this […]

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The disorder depression is a feeling of sadness intense enough to interfere with functioning. It may follow a recent loss or other sad event but is out of proportion to that event and lasts beyond an appropriate length of time.

Heredity, side effects of drugs, emotionally distressing events, imbalances in the body, and other factors can […]

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