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Tips on how to reduce symptoms of delayed onset muscle soreness, treating spring/summer allergies and more.
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What is Naturopathic Medicine

Naturopathic medicine is a distinct primary health care system that blends modern scientific knowledge with traditional and natural forms of medicine.
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Toronto's Naturpath - Weight Loss Program

Weight Loss Tips

Digestion: To lose weight you HAVE to poop. Fat doesn’t just fall off your gut, it has to come out. The ideal bowel movement is first thing in the morning. Having a bowel movement at least once a day is important.
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Everyone wants to feel good…my intention for each day is to ask myself “how can I feel good today and what do I need to do mentally and physically to achieve this?”

I feel privileged and honored to help my patients feel their best. Whether you have a chronic illness or you simply want to optimize your health goals, this is what I do.

Feeling good in mind and body is priceless. Feeling good can be a daily intention. Everything else in life will fall into place starting from feeling good inside.

Without a sense of well being one cannot fully enjoy what life has to offer…

No matter what the state of your health there is always a solution to bringing your mind and body back into balance.
I look forward to helping you resolve your health issues and feel your best!

Corporate wellness is no longer a new buzz word. Corporations are all well informed and for the most part, proactive in their approach to keeping employees mentally and physically fit. Many offer gym memberships, discounts, work from home days, corporate team building and a myriad of other policies and programs to keep employees positive, healthy and in turn productive. Without question it is more cost effective to prevent illness than to treat it once it happens.

It is also more cost effective to use the least invasive procedures and focus on natural healing therapies.

Working preventatively, using the least invasive techniques, and focusing on natural treatments still costs time and money. I often hear from people that they are not sure if they can afford to see a Naturopathic Doctor or other health care practitioner not covered under the medical services plan because it may be too expensive.
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5 reasons to see a naturopath

      • Naturopathic medicine is disease prevention. Prevent disease by learning to listen to your body and take care of your physical and emotional health today.
      • Naturopathic medicine provides individualized/personalized care. Each patient is treated as an individual with a unique genetic, mental/emotional and biochemical constitution.
      • Treatments are safe, effective and have limited side effects. Bring your mind and body back into balance using gentle techniques that allow your body to heal itself.
      • A Naturopathic doctor treats the root cause of disease not just the symptoms. This allows for a full recovery from the source of all your symptoms
      • A Naturopathic doctor fosters strong relationships with their patients. Visits are typically an hour and allow space and understanding for healing.